Doctor Who

Doctor Who is a British sci-fi/fantasy series that first aired from 1963 to 1989, then returned to the BBC in 2005, where it's been running ever since. I take a look at the eleven actors who've played the Doctor for more than one full-length story, and assess their best and worst performances.

In a 16-part series, I rank and review all 158 Classic Who serials starting here. (If you want to zero in on one serial in particular, there's an alphabetical listing of all my Classic Who reviews.) I also take an affectionate look at the William Hartnell era; cast a critical eye towards the Jon Pertwee era; and dote on the Peter Davison years. (Both the Hartnell and Pertwee essays include reviews of my top-10 serials.)

And finally, I offer up reviews of several stories that I consider unfairly neglected or maligned: "Terminus," "The Ark," "Delta and the Bannermen," "The Wheel in Space," "Attack of the Cybermen," "Death to the Daleks and "The Leisure Hive."

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